2020 the year of PPPoker? Numbers show they may be ahead of GGNetwork

This comes as a total surprise, but unless the numbers are manipulated in some way PPPoker could currently be the largest poker network in the world. New poker networks are popping up everywhere, IDN Network started from Indonesia and is now spreading throughout Asian countries. GGNetwork is popular in Asia and Europe and has attracted big poker stars like Daniel Negreanu to help bring in new players, but PPPoker did things differently.

Why is PPPoker so popular?

PPPoker is officially a platform where people can play for play money, they allow people to create their own clubs and choose who can join the tables. Play money was quickly replaced with real money tables where club owners accept deposits/withdrawals and collect rake.

PPPoker was created in 2016 and suddenly you could see “PPBetter Odds Agents” spamming every poker facebook page and group in-order to attract people to their clubs. Essentially these are private home games and because the tables are soft, some of these clubs started playing for large sums of money.

They accept players from almost every country in the world, everyone can create a club and invite friends to play. This has made PPPoker clubs especially popular in Latin America, Australia, China, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Russia and even the United States. Most of these countries has restricted online poker and PPPoker clubs offer a perfect workaround.

Here at www.BetterOdds.network we have handpicked the best PPPoker clubs that consist of recreational players where KTs is often enough for leading preflop all-in – contact us through chat and get playing!

PPPoker vs GGNetwork by the numbers

In-order to get an overview of the numbers we looked at 4 PPPoker alliances and compared them to GGNetwork. This was done during Fridays prime hours and here are the result:

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton said in a press conference that there could be 100 000 infected people in the Ohio state – a very scary number.

The casino city of Macau experienced a 15 day long shutdown during the peak of coronavirus in China. The shutdown and overall lower number of tourists brought huge monetary loss to the casinos and the shares dropped for all mayor casino operators.

Las Vegas is set to host the WSOP this summer that always brings in a huge number of international players. It is speculated that the WSOP will be cancelled and even bets are made. Canadian betting site PokerShares offers the odds of WSOP being delayed or cancelled at -303 favourite.

PPPoker clubs have bigger traffic in the micro and low stakes – upto NL35 in texas and NL100 in pot limit Omaha. The biggest difference comes from Texas Holdem above the nl50 and large Omaha tables of nl2000. GGnetwork is considered more known so it makes sense that they are leading the bigger games. There is still plenty of high-stakes action in PPPoker but we cant publish these totally private clubs – contact us if you are interested.

From the 4 PPPoker clubs, there was 30 tables running for 6+ Holdem games GGnetwork does not have heads-up tables – PPPoker has heads up tables.

PPPoker has a very flexible rakeback structure and this is different from club to club. We definitely suggest trying PPPoker and our players are constantly showing good results at the tables.


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